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Extraordinary bronze wildlife sculptures

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What do you want to see in bronze?

  • A creature that has held your fascination since your youth?
  • The likeness of a special pet that holds a place in your heart?
  • A corporate icon that needs to boldly stand out in today's market place?

Whatever the purpose of your wild or domestic animal sculpture, I am eager to discuss how we can work together to bring it to life. In my experience I've found that the most important determinant of great sculpture is that we share a mutual excitement for the project.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art"
– Leonardo da Vinci

Benefits of bronze

Bronze lasts for generations

A bronze sculpture is very cost-effective considering it will last hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. This makes bronze a great choice for mascots and monuments, as it allows future generations to share in an established tradition.

Lower the cost with maquette sales

Schools and other organizations can acquire their monument for little or no cost with the use of maquette (a small version of the monument) sales as a financing tool.

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