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Extraordinary bronze wildlife sculptures

Life-size sculptures


  • Image of 'Sleeping Fawn' sculpture.

    Sleeping Fawn

    Expertly concealed beneath a bramble by her mother, a fawn falls deep into a peaceful slumber.

  • Image of 'Standing Fawn' sculpture.

    Standing Fawn

    He sees you. You see him. Neither party is letting on. You succumb to reflex and blink your eyes...when you open them he's gone.

  • Image of 'Up And Running' sculpture.

    Up And Running

    In one fluid motion, this buck leaps from its bed to bound away.

  • Image of 'Watchful Doe' sculpture.

    Watchful Doe

    This doe is keeping a keen eye on her surroundings with her two fawns nearby.


  • Image of 'Chupie' sculpture.


    "Chupie" was one of 75 pieces selected for the 19th International Exhibition on Animals in Art sponsored by The School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University. 296 artists from 42 states, Canada, Europe and Asia submitted 749 entries. Chupie was displayed from March 19 to April 16, 2006. "You're home! You're home! Scratch me! Scratch me!"

Flying Squirrel

  • Image of 'Flying Squirrel' sculpture.

    Flying Squirrel

    You may be surprised to know that flying squirrels are quite common in the eastern U.S., but being nocturnal, most people will never see one in the wild. So far I have only seen a couple in the wild and another that got into our basement through a chimney and safely escaped. The name “flying “ squirrel is a bit of a misnomer as they don’t actually fly but glide from one perch to the next.

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