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Extraordinary bronze wildlife sculptures

Miniature sculptures


  • Image of 'Sleeping Fawn' sculpture.

    Sleeping Fawn

    Only the keenest of eyes will find this in the forest, making this miniature ideal for discreet display.


  • Image of 'Bonnie & Clyde' sculpture.

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Our models were orphaned siblings now residing at Oswald's Bear Ranch in Newberry, Michigan.

  • Image of 'Just Takin' A Break' sculpture.

    Just Takin' A Break

    The forest is a busy place. Sometimes you need to take a load off and absorb your surroundings.

  • Image of 'Lean On Me' sculpture.

    Lean On Me

    "Lean on me", the miniature version, depicts a tender moment of a Brown (Grizzly) bear sow with her cub. This piece is based on a photo by Alaskan wildlife photographer Alissa Crandall. One look at "Lean on me" and I knew that I needed to put that picture in bronze.

  • Image of 'This Is The Life' sculpture.

    This Is The Life

    You know how it is. It's been a good day, now you've got a full belly, and you've found a comfy spot.


  • Image of 'Bird Seed Bandit' sculpture.

    Bird Seed Bandit

    "Bird seed? What bird seed? I haven't seen any bird seed." (as he cleverly conceals the evidence with his tail)

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